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Guest room

Nostalgia and modernity blend together

Unravel your mind and body and spend time

A simple and comfortable Japanese space where nostalgia and modernity intersect, which is a modern arrangement of an old folk house in Kamakura. We designed it so that you can fully enjoy the air of the sea and mountains. We have 3 types of rooms that are compact yet cozy.

Room type


Ocean View Penthouse Suite

Room layout 301

Number of square meters 58m2

Capacity 7 people

Bedding 2 double beds
(Width 140 cm x 208 cm)

* 1 air extra bed for 4 to 7 people
Combined with 1 sofa bed

Number of floors 3rd floor


Seaside view double bed studio


Number of square meters 38m2

Capacity 4 people

Bedding 1 double bed
(Width 140 cm x 208 cm)

* For 3-4 people, use 1 air extra bed

Number of floors 2nd floor


Double bed studio


Number of square meters 35m2

Capacity 4 people

Bedding 1 double bed
(Width 140 cm x 208 cm)

* For 3-4 people, use 1 air extra bed

Number of floors 2nd floor

About room facilities



With an individually issued encryption key, you can check in safely and securely without the hassle of reception.

We will inform you of the customer-specific recitation key when the reservation is completed.


Equipment suitable for long-term stays

We have a refrigerator and kitchen equipment that can accommodate a stay of about a week.


Laundry anytime

It can be easily washed after playing in the sea or after a walk.

The washing machines have been changed in all rooms to drum type with excellent drying function and quietness, so that you can live more comfortably.


Extra bed

Each room is equipped with a double-sized air mattress for a family stay.
Expansion and storage can be done easily by electric power.


Spacious bathroom space

From the penthouse on the 3rd floor, you can take a bath while looking at the sea.


Clean professional cleaning

After your check-out, we perform perfect professional cleaning and disinfection.
We also do disinfection work exclusively for corona

Facilities / equipment

Facilities / amenities

Facilities / amenities

The following items are provided.
– Shampoo / Rinse / Body Soap
– Mobile Wi-Fi
– Face towel and bath towel (1 per person)
– Toilet supplies
– Hair Dryer
– hair iron
– Drum-type washing machine with drying function
– Clothes horse
– clothes hanger
– Kitchen
– Shower room and toilet with washlet
– Air conditioning
– Iron & Ironing Board
– TV (48V type)
– TV (24V type)
– Smartphone charger
– Amazon Fire TV
– Blu-ray & DVD player
– POCKETALK (AI interpreter)
– Electric inflator
– Disposable toothbrush
– Disposable earplugs
– Blu-ray / DVD player

– Beach towel (1 per person for 2 nights or more in summer)


Kitchen equipment / cooking utensils
-1 microwave oven
-2 gas stoves
-1 electric kettle
-1 kitchen knife
-1 bread knife
-1 fruit knife
-1 cutting board
-1 kitchen scissors
-Frying pan with glass lid / 26cm 1 piece
-Frying pan with glass lid / 20cm 1 piece
-Sauce pan with glass lid / 18cm 1 piece
-1 can opener / bottle opener
-1 sommelier knife
-1 cooking spoon
-1 ladle
-1 turner
-1 tongs
-1 silicone rubber spatula
-Stainless steel balls (16/18 / 22cm) 1 each
-Stainless steel colander (15/19 / 25cm) 1 each
-Saran Wrap
-Aluminum foil

Tableware / cutlery

Tableware / cutlery

-7 tumblers (315ml)
-7 mugs
-7 champagne glasses
-7 white wine glasses
-7 red wine glasses
-22 cm 7 dishes
-16 cm bowl 7 pieces
-Chopsticks 7 sets
-Spoon: width 4 x length 19 cm 7 pieces
-Forks: width 3 x length 18 cm 7 pieces
-Knife: width 3 x length 21 cm 7 pieces
-Teaspoon: 7 width 3 x 15 cm


-1 wine cooler
-1 ice bucket tongs (L)

* We only have salad oil, salt, and pepper as seasonings, but there are some that other guests have left behind. The missing items can be procured at a 24-hour convenience store, which is a 1-minute walk away.