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Villa Kamakura walking information Get close to the city

It’s more fun to take a walk

Walking around Kamakura from Villa Kamakura

In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the ancient city of Kamakura, Sakanoshita has various encounters such as long-established restaurants, popular gourmet foods, nostalgic scenery, and changes in nature. Hase-dera Temple, known as Hydrangea Temple, is about a 7-minute walk, and a 20-minute walk to Kamakura Station. We also recommend touring along the sea by actively renting a bicycle or tricycle on a three-wheeled motorbike.

Walking map

↓ Expand the side window. You can check the location of the shop.

Get close to the city Cafe / restaurant / ingredients

The number after the store name matches the map number.

café recette Kamakura 3

café recette Kamakura is the only “bread sweets specialty store” in Japan. This is a one-of-a-kind cafe where you can enjoy the finest bread from the finest bread specialty store recette.

The finest bread specialty store recette 7

The moment you dive into the goodwill of the shop, you can smell the very nice scent of bread. Rich with plain, mountain-shaped and butter. Can’t be a normal bakery Detailed steps, effort, and a lot of time are spent.

Apple pie Kotaro 8

There are many types of apple pie and I get lost. There is also a seasonal period. Custard apple, almond apple and so on. I want to eat this too!

Namimachi Bagels 2

All bagels of “Namimachi Bagels” are handmade one by one at the in-store workshop. Using only 100% Hokkaido wheat / Haruyutaka, Hoshino natural yeast, sun-dried salt / simamas, and honey, we are particular about high-quality materials and try to make bagels that are kind to the body.

CAFE & BAR Magokoro 16

About Magokoro ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ The organic & Hemp Style Cafe & Bar Magokoro opened in the summer of 2002 with the concept of “organic” and “hemp”. The “heart” of Magokoro means the heart of a person and the heart of hemp, and the idea is “I want you to remember something that the Japanese have forgotten.” With that in mind, I settled down in this ancient city of Kamakura and started.

Kamakura Katsutei Araju Sohonten 17

Tonkatsu Araju is very close to the Kamakura Station Bus Rotary. The light clothing is popular with a wide range of customers, from children to the elderly. On this day, I had 5 skewers and an additional black pork loin cutlet.

Kappou / Soba Wave and Wind 19

Speaking of Hase Station in Kamakura City, the Great Buddha of Kamakura is famous, but speaking of cooking and soba, #wave and wind #Namitokaze. is. It is quietly located on the 2nd floor on the right hand side on the way from the station to the Great Buddha.

Restaurant Watabe 20

A French restaurant with a nice entrance that you can only enter by crossing the Enoden line. Restaurant Watabe. Visitors now eat in the garden to avoid crowds.

Beau Temps 1

A hideaway natural wine bar surrounded by greenery that appears when you escape from the hustle and bustle near Hase to the back alley A comfortable space surrounded by solid timber and diatomaceous earth, remodeled from an old folk house, and illuminated from a glass skylight Kamakura vegetables, fresh fish caught in the morning, as well as homemade charcuterie that snuggles up to wine It is a dish that is particular about ingredients such as natural yeast bread.

Fukuhiwa Cafe 6

A spacious old folk house cafe renovated from a 70-year-old folk house in Kamakura. The interior is a fusion of antique furniture and Japanese interior. It is a shop with a relaxing atmosphere and a relaxing atmosphere. You can only taste it here, using various spices for homemade soy sauce and salted jiuqu. Cooking, carefully handmade cakes and authentic original cakes are also popular.

Good Mellows 5

We are particular about the time-consuming charcoal fire, and carefully bake each one using genuine materials.

Cafe Sakanoshita 4

The popular cafe “Cafe Sakanoshita” was used as a location in a popular drama set in Kamakura. The popular pancakes are a hearty gem, and there are many repeaters who come to Kamakura to eat them.

Venus Cafe 9

Focusing on hamburgers and tacos .. Texas & Mexican restaurant .. At a store that appeared in TV dramas and movies

Tenugui Cafe Ichihanaya 10

Baked cheese cake set and organic tea On days when you want to eat cheesecake, how about a Tenugui Cafe? There are a large number of towels and accessories, and even the cushion cover is a towel. If you look up the corridor, you will find hidden characters that everyone in the know knows.

Kamakura Matsubaraan 14

There are fresh local fish, Kamakura vegetables, handmade soba noodles and kamonabe. We recommend the lunch course. Cold beer, cold sake and wine are recommended in the summer, and hot sake and soba are recommended in the winter. The terrace is nice, but not only the first floor but also the second floor is cozy, and although it is lined up for less than an hour at noon, it is one of the recommended shops even if you make a reservation.

Breakfast shop Cobakaba 11

Breakfast shop Cobakaba opens at 7 am. For a Japanese breakfast, how about a half-self morning set meal located about 5 minutes from Kamakura Station? Reasonable and very healthy.

Garden House Kamakura21

GARDEN HOUSE’s RESTAURANT is a cozy restaurant consisting of a 50-year-old atelier and a garden terrace where you can fully enjoy the lush gardens.

Kirakumaru 12

For raw shirasu, please contact us by phone around 9:30 am and make a reservation if you have a raw shirasudon. Depending on the weather and the results of the day’s fishing, it may not be possible to sell.


Authentic burgers and avocado dishes

OuiOui 22

OuiOui is quietly located just around the first corner of #Kamakura Station #Komachi Street. There is a staircase when you enter the small entrance. The main restaurant is on the second floor, which is wider than I expected to go up. The food is unpretentious #French with a la carte.

coffee shop serving food and drink stand

The blue cheese cheesecake is excellent. It seems to go well with wine, and wine is available. There is also a terrace to enjoy outside.

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Delivery sushi silver plate

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Cow Haru

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