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Soba Nami to Kaze

Hase Station in Kamakura City is famous for the Great Buddha of Kamakura, but when it comes to kappo and soba noodles, #Nami to Kaze #Namitokaze. is.
It is quietly located on the second floor on the right hand side on the way to Daibutsu from the station. The calm counter is often filled with fans. The main dishes are two different courses: sashimi, simmered vegetables, fried hamo with plum and shiso leaves or steamed egg custard with suppon, and finally, solid soba noodles and black bean bavarois or sorbet.
Another feature is the cocktails made by the bartender who is the best in Japan in the competition, all of which are highly recommended. If you have time, you can enjoy until bar time without moving. There are many fans from the local upper class. This is an unpretentious but carefully worked Japanese restaurant that you will want to visit regularly. If you don’t like stairs, there’s no need to worry as elevators were installed this year. We recommend making a reservation in advance.
〜Waves and Winds is a 9-minute walk from Villa Kamakura.