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OuiOui Wiwi

OuiOui is quietly located around the first bend of #Kamakura Station #Komachi Street. Enter the small entrance and you’ll find a staircase. Once you go up, you’ll find the main restaurant on the second floor, which is larger than you’d expect.
The food is unpretentious #French and a la carte is available. The drinks include #wine, soft drinks and delicious desserts. Champagne is only available by the bottle, so today we had the recommended Cava. Even if it’s not on the menu, you can enjoy it if you ask.
They are now doing takeaway lunches, and they look great, with brightly coloured vegetables and other ingredients.
I ordered a bottle of white wine this time, but next time I would like to order a variety of wines by the glass.
It’s a place where even a single gourmet woman would feel comfortable and at ease. There was also a man with two dandy men. This is a restaurant to go to when it’s quiet!
OuiOui is a 28-minute walk from Villa Kamakura.